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Improving Healthcare through leadership development and better data
Great Leadership is always learning, always teaching.

About My Passion

My passion is helping leaders change the status quo in their organizations. In 2021 I left my corporate executive position with the largest healthcare employer in Michigan to start Stephens Insight Group LLC. There I provide professional services in four key areas, Leadership Development, Agile Transformation, Data & Analytics Governance, and Digital Transformation. To learn more about my professional services, please visit stephensinsightgroup.com.

This is a place where I put my thoughts on paper for others to see. My hope is that the things I write about help you avoid some of my failures and accelerate positive change in your organization.

I have a Doctorate in Health Administration from Central Michigan University with a dissertation on healthcare employee perceptions of data governance, specifically its importance and effectiveness to their role, and its impact on the triple aim.

While I focus on those 4 key areas: leadership development, agile transformation, data & analytics governance, and digital transformation, I have been involved in information technology/management and data governance for almost two decades with experience in revenue cycle management, EDI, cost accounting and decision support, data warehousing and business intelligence, health information exchange, and the practice of data governance.

Additional specialties include: master data (MDM), analytics, X12, HL7, SQL, C#, architecture, data warehousing, SAFe, agile scrum, project management, budgeting and finance, strategy development, and leading leaders of teams.

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About Me Personally

I have been married to the love of my life, Rachel, since 2004, and have four children.  We moved to Hastings, Mi. in 2021 and are members of Grand Rapids Baptist Church (GRBaptist.org). 

Dr. Josh Stephens, DHA

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Thejoshstephens.com is primarily authored by Dr. Josh Stephens, but may include other contributors. If you are interested in guest blogging, please contact me directly.