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Improving Healthcare through leadership development and better data
Great Leadership is always learning, always teaching.

My passion is improving healthcare for our families, growing strong leaders, and loving people. In 2006, I committed to focusing my career on advancing the delivery of healthcare to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of others through information services, change management, servant leadership and faith.

Improving Healthcare through Information Services

Over the past 20 years my work has included revenue cycle, cost accounting, electronic data interchange (EDI), business intelligence and leadership. The common thread in each role is the cultivation and use of data to drive informed decisions and to enhance experiences. Improving healthcare requires improving data; so start investing.

Improving Healthcare through Change Management

In addition to leveraging technology and information services, to continue improving healthcare, we must approach things differently – aka Change Management. Finding the things to change is simple, determining the way to change them is complex, and physically changing them is next to impossible. All require asking difficult questions, challenging the way people think, and pushing your organization out of its comfort zone. The bottom line is that we must get past the idea that what we are doing now is the best approach, because it just isn’t. Servant leaders can find the right change, and make it happen.

Improving Healthcare through Servant Leadership

Healthy organizations have people who enjoy what they do and who are good at it. Our role as servant leaders is to get both sides of that equation right. In my leadership paradigm, I ascribe “love” as being the core characteristic of great leadership. If you love your team, everything else will work out. As a leader, you will focus on compensation because their livelihood matters. You will focus on planning because their future is important. You will focus on work-life balance because you care about their family. The influence you have, and the potential impact you hold within your organization, is a direct result of the way you love others. Work on it, not matter what role you hold.

Improving Healthcare through Faith

Lastly, you will notice inferences in each of my writings about my faith. What we believe influences our actions, our political affiliations, our relationships, and many other aspects of our lives. My work is a direct reflection of my faith in Jesus. Do not be ashamed of what you believe. Just be sure you know why you believe it.

Every organization struggles with these concepts. If you are interested in improving healthcare, thejoshstephens.com is here to help. Click the “subscribe” button, or reach out directly to me. I welcome opportunities to help you, and I look forward to connecting.

Other Specialties include: master data (MDM), decision support, analytics, BI, X12, HL7, SQL, C#, architecture, data governance, data warehousing, SAFe, agile scrum, project management

Our Story

Josh Stephens, DHA, is the Director of Information Services at Spectrum Health, leading the Enterprise Information Management team at Priority Health.  He has been involved in healthcare information management and data governance for almost two decades with experience in revenue cycle management, EDI, cost accounting and decision support, data warehousing and business intelligence, health information exchange, and the practice of data governance.

Josh has been married to the love of his life, Rachel, since 2004, and they have four young children and two big dogs.  They moved to Grand Rapids, Mi. in 2014 and are members of Grand Rapids Baptist Church (GRBaptist.org).  Rachel homeschools the kids, enjoys photography, watercolors, writing, and lately, quilting.

One of Josh’s recent accomplishments was the completion of Central Michigan University’s Doctor of Health Administration degree program with a dissertation on healthcare employee perceptions of data governance, specifically its importance and effectiveness to their role, and its impact on the triple aim. If you are interested in the topic, or would like to learn more, let’s connect. Click on the subscribe button or send me an e-mail.

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