Status Quo is too Risky to Change!

Recently I’ve been helping my daughter with her math homework. Tonight I sat with her and discussed how she does long division. I was trying to change her mind; to help her understand the right way to do it. She prefers to solve the division problem by trying combinations of multiplication until she comes to […]

Power through Quarantine with these Resources and Tips

The last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. Three weeks ago I recall reading the news about China and this virus oddly named after a beer, or so I thought. Two weeks ago we were advised to begin working remote until further notice, and this week we have an executive order in […]

एक साल हिंदी पढ़ना -One Year Learning Hindi

नमस्ते मीरा नाम जोश है। मैं आज एक साल हिंदी पढ़ना है। हिंदी, तेलगु नहीं, हिंदी-इंग्लिश नहीं हिंदी। मैं हरा दिन डुओलिंगो पढ़ना है. आज दिन ३६५ पढ़ना है। मैं क्यों हिंदी परत चाहिये? एक: मेरे टीम में लोग भारत कई। मैं उन्हें पढ़ना चाहिये। डो: मैं पढ़ना चाहिये। तीन: हिंदी दुनिया में शीर्ष पांच […]

Oops! I Did it Again, How to Avoid Bad Counsel

In my recent post, You Aren’t Smart Enough, I shared a list of counselor types a leader should surround themselves with in order to make great decisions. As important as good counsel is, it is just as important, perhaps more-so, to know how to avoid bad counsel.  Below are a list of bad counselor types […]