Status Quo is too Risky to Change!

Recently I’ve been helping my daughter with her math homework. Tonight I sat with her and discussed how she does long division. I was trying to change her mind; to help her understand the right way to do it. She prefers to solve the division problem by trying combinations of multiplication until she comes to […]

Leader, Your Faith Matters!

One of the first things I tell people when I’m beginning to mentor them is that my leadership style, my personality, and the way I interact with people is a direct outcome of my faith. I understand that religion and politics are often considered taboo topics in the workplace, but I don’t think it’s possible […]

Results-driven Leaders are Always Learning

If you were to walk into my office, or catch me in the hallway and ask, “Josh, what is the #1 thing I should start doing in order to become a more effective leader?”, this is what I would tell you. “Start reading about leadership.” To get better at anything you have to find productive […]

Dealing with Difficult People

My kids are pretty good kids. I didn’t say perfect, but they at least want to do right more than half of the time. That said, multiple times a day there are arguments, frustrations, power-moves, and sometimes a show of small forces between them. It’s called, “contention”. If you’ve been in the workforce for any […]

How to be a Fearless Leader

The thing that terrified me the most as a child was thunderstorms and tornadoes. I don’t know what it was about them, but when it would start to thunderstorm, this incredible fear swept over me. I remember running to my parents room terrified, hoping they would let me sleep on the floor. I’ll never forget […]

Spoiler Alert: Leadership is a Trait, not a Trade

Over the last two decades I have known several people who were promoted into a management position and then decided to step down.  I want to describe some of the reasons people leave management positions, and then share some ideas if you find yourself in a similar situation. Leadership is not a Trade I described […]

Oops! I Did it Again, How to Avoid Bad Counsel

In my recent post, You Aren’t Smart Enough, I shared a list of counselor types a leader should surround themselves with in order to make great decisions. As important as good counsel is, it is just as important, perhaps more-so, to know how to avoid bad counsel.  Below are a list of bad counselor types […]

You Aren’t Smart Enough

Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  That is a little more in-your-face than the “birds of a feather flock together” mantra, but there is definitely some truth to it.  So take a moment and think about who you spend time with at work, because […]

Make a Decision

There were 30-ish doctoral candidates standing on a street corner just outside of Washington DC.  For all of us, except one, this was the first time in our lives that we’ve been at this location.  I’m being generous with the “one”, as you’ll see in a minute.  We were there for a weekend seminar and […]

How to Move Up

When was the last time you thought about, or had a discussion with a spouse, co-worker, or friend about how to move up.  Sometimes the conversation is about someone who moved up too quickly, or someone who didn’t move up fast enough.  Sometimes it’s just a colleague or friend wanting to vent about why they […]