Here is My Plan to Win. What’s yours?

BA Times and other sources suggest it was Ben Franklin who said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Over the past 13 years, I’ve had a 10-15 year plan that is complete when one or both of the two following goals: 1) become a c-level executive in a healthcare organization or 2) start and own my own consulting firm, are met.

Those two goals have been the primary drivers for my decisions since I made them in 2007.  When I set those goals, I didn’t really recognize what they would mean for my career, my family, and my education, but they have absolutely helped me time and time again.

While I haven’t reached those two goals yet, I plan to win.  More than that, I think it’s the right time to plan to win over the next 15 years as well.  So below is the first draft of my next 15 year goals, aka Act II of my professional career.

Plan to Win The Next 15 Years

In 15 years I will be 52, and the year will be 2035.  Hopefully, all of my kids will be healthy and will have moved out of the house.  They will either be studying at a university, in the military, or already settling into their careers with families of their own.  Who knows, I might even be a grandparent.

My wife and I will have completed our 30th year of marriage and continuing our quest to grow old together.  Almost all of the things we own today will have been replaced with new things (cars, house, clothes, toys, furniture) and our two dogs, Schaden and Bentley will no longer be with us.

I’ll have accomplished the following:

  • Been a c-level executive of a healthcare organization
  • My wife and I will own our own international consulting firm
  • Fluent in Hindi, Telugu and Spanish
  • Raised my children who will have made it to or through College, and be strong in their faith, their work ethic, their character, and their integrity
  • Continued to be faithful to my church and my beliefs
  • Shared my faith with 1,000+ people
  • Traveled on one or more overseas vacations with my family
  • Learned to snowboard – and my family will know how to ski  NOTE: my wife says “no”.  She has no interest, but you’ll see…
  • Studied, participated, and perhaps led genomics research for personalized health medicine
  • Influenced health policy, public health, and state law in one or more of the three following ways: 1) holding public office, 2) influence/reputation, 3) research
  • Owned real-estate investments
  • I’ll have read over 300 books.  Check out my reading list.

I will be:

  • Growing old with the love of my life, Rachel
  • A member of Congress
  • A business owner
  • Helping people

How will you Plan to Win?

Many of the items above you might say are, “out of reach”, or “not very likely”.  I know, but just watch what God can do.  This is my draft.  I do think the four things I Will Be will help guide me through the right accomplishments over the next 15 years.

So what will you have accomplished by 2035?  If you are going to plan to win, you need to first start thinking about what winning is to you.  I’d love to hear your goals, and I’m interested in helping you achieve them.  Either comment below, connect with me on LinkedIn, or go over to the Contact Page and connect with me there.