Status Quo is too Risky to Change!

Recently I’ve been helping my daughter with her math homework. Tonight I sat with her and discussed how she does long division. I was trying to change her mind; to help her understand the right way to do it. She prefers to solve the division problem by trying combinations of multiplication until she comes to […]

Powerful Must-Read for IT Leadership

Relatively speaking, I read a lot of books. I probably average about 2 books a month and have a healthy backlog of books I still want to read. You can take a look at my reading list to get a better idea of what interests me. That said, there are only a handful of books […]

Leader, Your Faith Matters!

One of the first things I tell people when I’m beginning to mentor them is that my leadership style, my personality, and the way I interact with people is a direct outcome of my faith. I understand that religion and politics are often considered taboo topics in the workplace, but I don’t think it’s possible […]

Power through Quarantine with these Resources and Tips

The last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. Three weeks ago I recall reading the news about China and this virus oddly named after a beer, or so I thought. Two weeks ago we were advised to begin working remote until further notice, and this week we have an executive order in […]

Results-driven Leaders are Always Learning

If you were to walk into my office, or catch me in the hallway and ask, “Josh, what is the #1 thing I should start doing in order to become a more effective leader?”, this is what I would tell you. “Start reading about leadership.” To get better at anything you have to find productive […]

Dealing with Difficult People

My kids are pretty good kids. I didn’t say perfect, but they at least want to do right more than half of the time. That said, multiple times a day there are arguments, frustrations, power-moves, and sometimes a show of small forces between them. It’s called, “contention”. If you’ve been in the workforce for any […]

How to be a Fearless Leader

The thing that terrified me the most as a child was thunderstorms and tornadoes. I don’t know what it was about them, but when it would start to thunderstorm, this incredible fear swept over me. I remember running to my parents room terrified, hoping they would let me sleep on the floor. I’ll never forget […]

Spoiler Alert: Leadership is a Trait, not a Trade

Over the last two decades I have known several people who were promoted into a management position and then decided to step down.  I want to describe some of the reasons people leave management positions, and then share some ideas if you find yourself in a similar situation. Leadership is not a Trade I described […]

Oops! I Did it Again, How to Avoid Bad Counsel

In my recent post, You Aren’t Smart Enough, I shared a list of counselor types a leader should surround themselves with in order to make great decisions. As important as good counsel is, it is just as important, perhaps more-so, to know how to avoid bad counsel.  Below are a list of bad counselor types […]

You Aren’t Smart Enough

Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  That is a little more in-your-face than the “birds of a feather flock together” mantra, but there is definitely some truth to it.  So take a moment and think about who you spend time with at work, because […]